Serial Monitor/ Blown Amplifier Check

Are we able to use the Serial Monitor to check whether or not the Proffie amplifier is blown? If not, id there some other way to check?

Serial monitor would report what the OS thinks the speaker should be doing, not downstream and what it is doing.
Does the speaker make sound?
Is it distorted?
I think typically if an amp is bad there’s just no sound at all, or maybe intermittent.
If you know the speaker itself is good, you can check for 5V on the 5V pad when sound should be playing. If it’s less that 5V, you may have a bad booster (separate from the amp itself.)
If the booster is bad, you can workaround the issue by jumpering power from the BATT+ pad next door into the 5V pad.

So I tried a new speaker and still no sound.
My voltage across 5V pad and Batt- is 5.15V.
If its a bad amp, could i salvage one off another board and replace, keeping in mind my mediocre soldiering