Securing proffieboard to chassis?


I recently updated a korbanth graflex saber I bought last month to os6.7 , added new fonts, and redid all the blade styles. To access the SD card I had to lift the board up that was held in place with glue. What is the best way to re-secure the board to the chassis so that I can continue to have easy access to the SD card as needed? I was thinking maybe just electrical tape but than read that kapton tape would be better. Would a strip of kapton tape going across the board work and not damage the board?

Thanks for any feedback.

I use capton tape. It’s safe for most of the board, but the buttons can be damaged by pulling the tape off. So try to avoid putting tape on the buttons. If you need frequent access to the SD card, something like a silicone rubber band might be a better way to hold the board in place, if there is enough room.

Using the “mass storage” option when programming the board is a good way to reduce the need for SD card access, but does come with some additional problems, as the sd card can become corrupted if it’s not “ejected safely” before unplugging or programming.

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Everything on the board looks like a button to me right now haha. Where do you recommend placing the tape? Thanks.

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Pg 7 of the manuel.

The BOOT & RESET are the buttons. So any where else.

They’re gold coloured and with the black centers.

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I use a dab of E6000 in the corners :person_shrugging: