Sdcard holder trouble

I pulled out a few blown boards to work on repairing them, and one hade a broken sdcard holder. I unsoldered the pins to find that the 2 pads that close to send signal that there is a card installed pulled up from the board.
Is there a way to install a sdcard breakout board or to solder the card holder directly to the board bypassing those pads
Here is a pic of the area

You’re in luck.
Proffieboards don’t use the switch function of the sd card reader.

Thats good, but the other pads came off when i cleaned them up

What did you use to clean? Hydrochloric acid? :slight_smile:

No, lol. I used alcohol then added a bit of solder to solder leads to it and must have applied too much heat.
Can a breakout sd holder be used?

As long as the wires aren’t too long, that should work. (24mhz imposes some limitations) but the SD card signals aren’t really available anywhere else, so you still would need to scrape the resist off of the copper traces and attach wires to them, or solder wires directly to the pads on the cpu, both of which is very fiddly.