@(&#)(@&*@)(#$& screenshots

I know people don’t read.
I know people don’t read the rules.
But damn it’s annoying when people post screenshots and photos of screens.
If it continues, I will have to turn off image posting for trust level 0.


Images cannot be searched by google.
Images are a pain in the butt to read.
Images take up more space on my server.

And to everybody who IS following the rules: Please help me by asking anybody who doesn’t to edit their posts and do it the right way. Link to this post if they need reasons.

EDIT: For people who don’t know how, here are some instructions for how to cut-n-paste text. In general, it’s two steps “copy” and “paste”.

Step 1: COPY

If you want to post an Arduino error message, there is usually a button specifically for that on the right side of the red bar in the middle of the window. It only shows up if compilation actually fails though.

If you wish to copy something else, just highlight it with the mouse, and then ether select “copy” from a menu, or use the keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut is Command-C on mac, and Ctrl-C on Windows / Linux. Note that in some places, like the Arduino Serial Monitor, there is no menu option for “copy”, but the keyboard shortcut still works.

Step 2: PASTE

Generally you can paste text anywhere you can type text, but right now we’re talking about how to paste it into the forum in a good way. To do that, type three backticks (`) on a separate line, then press enter to go to the next line. Then press the keyboard shortcut for paste, which is Command-V for mac and Ctrl-V for Windows / Linux. If you need to, press enter to go to the next line, then add three more backticks to signify the end of the pasted text.

If the above doesn’t work, then feel free to use screenshots instead.


I’ll do my best to inform and instruct them how to paste the content. Most will be posting on their phone so it may be good to create a topic on how to “INSTALL” the crucible via Chrome onto the desktop. And in that way they can do it all in their pc .

It’s as if they don’t know about Pastebin…

Or “paste”.

See also: Recommended way to post a config file

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A post was merged into an existing topic: ProffieOS v6.4 is now LIVE

A post was merged into an existing topic: ProffieOS v6.4 is now LIVE

I wonder if all this is facebooks fault?
I go look at the saber-related facebook groups and they absolutely full of screenshots, which makes me think that new users will think that’s how it’s done…

What do you guys think, it is possible to show people a better way to do it on facebook, or are we all doomed to squinting at crappy photos-of-screens and other abominations?

(My other pet peeve is people posting things like “Can anybody help me?” or “How do I fix this?”, with a picture or video attached but no explanation of what the perceived problem is.)

I always push people to use pastebin for stuff when I catch it. Same with Reddit. I do think tech savvy people overestimate the knowledge people generally have, though.

Maybe, but I think it’s a lot of monkey-see-monkey-do as well.
If people learn to do to it right instead of learning how to do it wrong, maybe that can change.

PS: when posting config files here, I would prefer if people used ``` over pastebin.
It’s quicker to read and it indexes better in search engines that way.

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@profezzorn can you make threads sticky in this forum?
might be a good idea to have this one at the top so new comers can see it and hopefully view it.

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winner and reigning champing of the “THE BIGGEST SMART ASS” goes to Astromech, brought to you by S&G Corp.


TL;DR Advisory.

Give things time. Don’t assume people know what best practices are used in here let alone that a single change here versus elsewhere will stick when everywhere else, including the big social media platforms, common practice is different. It will take time for this new site to grow and certain issues to be resolved through commonality. Sitting here and blaming Fb is no different than blaming a forum. The intent in here is to do things differently so in that alone we’re talking two different beasts. As such this isn’t all about “knowledge” as it is about experience. Changing society’s habits and experience (norms) is not an overnight thing. For now just be polite with the reminders and warnings and show the steps. It’s redundant and tiresome after having to do it so much but people aren’t robots running on a single program. There’s a person very much excited to be getting into our hobby and the tech involved. This is an online thing. We don’t see the person face to face. Treat them as you’d want to be taught. It could be a kid. It could be an adult who’s found something to interest them and bring them happiness outside of their daily work grind. Make it fun and help them understand and we all will be stronger as a group as a result. Communication will bring compliance.