Scarred Blade

I ordered a 7/8 inch blade from Bend… V2 KR, but the blade is completely scarred. I tried polishing but that didn’t work. Since the blade is matte, I thought about using fine sandpaper. The scars leave me with more shadows than the expensive blade is supposed to prevent, so €233 is a hefty price. I have to make the best of it now. Can anyone recommend sandpaper or a method to remove these scars? Please

Have you contacted them about fixing the issue?

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Yes, I did that. The problem is that I already had to pay €60 for UPS and then another €33 in customs fees. I’m from the Outer Rim! Germany, so I think I probably won’t get any help. Well wait and see, returning it would be just as expensive as buying a new blade. sorry for my bad English

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Depending on how it is glued together, you could consider replacing the polycarbonate tube. The Saber Armory is in the UK and they have them for ~10.50 Euros.

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Sandpaper typically is what people do to intentionally give the blade a matte/diffused look.
I’d say just work your way higher and higher through grits until it’s how you want it. Eventually you’d get back to glass smooth if you went all the way up to like a 3M Trizact 3000 or even up to 8000 now. (I use that on automotive headlights and clear coats as final pass)


Thank you very much for the tips, I haven’t heard anything from them yet. I wrote to her. I bought sandpaper with a grit size of 400 to 13,000. I wanted to wait and see if they would get in touch. but I think because I come from Germany I have little chance. I tried using acrylic polish but it didn’t help. If they don’t answer, I’ll try to get to it with some sandpaper.The dull blade is okay but they used a pretty scarred blade. If I get the scars out I’ll be happy. They are deep scratches that you can even feel with your thunb. Thank you again now I know which sandpaper I have to use.

*A mild Scotchpad or even 1000 to 2000 grit circular body shop foam discs work great and are much easier to wrap around the blade. (I have a stash just for this type of thing.)

NEVER USE #0000 STEEL WOOL like I saw someone doing recently. It’s too easy to end up with a filing sticking to the blade and ending up with a short in the pogo connectors.

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I bought small pads with a grain size of 400 to 13000, they are nice and soft and I’ll try them tomorrow. I wanted to do it with my hand carefully from top to bottom in circular movements. Unfortunately I don’t have a decent polishing machine for it. But I can manage it, I just wanted to know what’s best to use. Thank you very much for the good advice. thanks for the link