Saving Edited blade style's

I’m not sure where to post this question : But if I upload a blade style from fett’s Blade style library onto a saber and then go into edit mode and create a style I want to keep and put it on another saber can I save it somehow to a file on the computer to upload later? Is it saved in a file on the SD card that I can save? Or do I have to upload the original style and re-edit it?

Most changes you make in edit mode (style changes in particular) get saved in presets.ini / presets.tmp file. Note that copying those files around isn’t always easy, because proffieos will ignore them if they weren’t written for the same installation. Also, copying those changes won’t work at all unless the other saber also has the same style library style in the same slot in the config file.

A potential solution is to use the new 7.x feature which lets you take the arguments from presets.ini and put them in the config file.

This page basically tells you how to use style arguments, read it and let me know if you have more questions:

Note that if you copy arguments from preset.ini to the config file, you skip the first “buildtin X Y” part.