Sandblasted blade tubes?

Just curious, has anyone tried sandblasting a blade tube for the purposes of diffusion? I see occasional mentions of sanding the tubes, but I’ve found sandblasting to be more effective at creating an even texture on metal parts, so I wonder if it would work on PC?

Sandblasting NO (don’t do that) but bead blasted lightly yes, plugged and taped off the tube ends to make sure no powder got inside too. Was a neat effect. Don’t have the tube anymore though. Go for it. *Used #7 grade because well, we had 3 or 4 for rough and 7 was for powder coat prep on expensive panels.

Ok, I’ll bite, why not sandblast? Stress risers from the sharp edges?

If you’re going to sand a blade, you should probably sand the inside too, which seems like it would be difficult to do with sand blasting.

I tried it on a piece of scrap and it went too far, too quick as all. Looked funky in one spot, likely because I hit one section too much. Bead blast is easier to control and is a finer finish so I went that route.

@profezzorn Sanding the inside actually makes it not hold a diffuser tube (the one that goes over the foam) as well. You lose the interference fit because of opening it up, even in a small amount.