Saberbay Darksaber blade effect issues

I used Fett263 darksaber blade style but the effect colors are not showing up correctly. They do in blade editor but not on the blade. I have tried playing around with the GRB entries at the bottom of the config with mixed results. GRB gives me purple and yellow. I then used GRBw and the effects came through as RGB colors. Then I switched it to GRBW with the capital W and it looks better but the effects are coming through as white and the blade is set to silver. The effects are supposed to be orange red and gold or yellow. It’s almost like I have no red options. I have a pixel PCD that the DATA is going in and out of. The colors on the RGB pixels on the switch PCB are working correctly but the blade isn’t. Tey are all wired together on DATA1. Any thoughts?

Do you know that the blade is not GRB?
There’s no way to have the same data pad feed different byte orders out (like if you used SubBlade) unless there was an update that I don’t remember.
Pretty positive it certainly can’t be done if the blades are in parallel.

I don’t know anything about the blade. I am working on a saberbay darksaber that I installed a proffie 2.2 in and did it just like all of the others that I have done. The pixels on the switch PCB charge colors correctly but the blade doesn’t. I didn’t build the blade so not sure what is in there. Guess I’m gonna have to open it up and see whats going on. But the config looks good though right?

How did you wire up the switch leds, blade and crystal leds? Are they all using the 1 data pin or separate as your config only had 1 blade defined?

Knowing I’d be using an rgbw blade I wired it to data pin 1 and then ran the crystal and switch pixels off their own separate data pins. Will post up my config when I’m home from work.

The blade should be GRBw. The switch PCB is RGB (with white accents independent). If you’re running the two together on the same data, might be what’s causing the issue.

First of all; take pictures or video so we can see what it actually looks like.
If red seems to be the problem, what color do you get if you just set the blade to Red?