Saber-to-Computer SD Card Access Not Working (can't use card reader)

Hi all,

I’m trying to access my saber’s SD card using a Type-A Male to Micro USB cable on my Mac, but the computer doesn’t recognize it as an external drive. Physical access to the SD card is difficult due to the chassis design. I’ve tested it on a PC with the same result. Can anyone help me access the SD card through the saber when connected to a computer?

Thank you!

Is the board programed with “mass storage”?
(When you program the board with arduino, you can choose the USB TYPE in Arduino → Tools → USB TYPE and if you don’t choose one of the options with “mass storage”, then the SD card won’t show up on your computer.)

Correct. It’s set to Serial + Mass Storage. But still not seeing it on my desktop or in Finder. It would flash the board if needed, but I’m looking for the SD.

But was it set to Serial + Mass Storage last time you flashed this board?
(That’s what counts, not what it is right now.)

I see. Not it wasn’t. It was set to Serial + WebUSB last time. Should I proceed to flash it with Serial + Mass Storage and then check after?

Yes, please try that.

Actually, set it to Serial + WebUSB + Mass Storage

Ok. I got a “1 FAIL”

What does that mean?
Can you show the whole error?

It just says that in red. Is there a way to pull the whole error?

There should be a button on the right that says “copy error message”.
Click that to copy the full error to the clipboard, then when you post it here add three backticks before and after the pasted text.

I realized the issue. My Port wasn’t set to Proffieboard. I flashed the board successfully and then shortly after my computer recognized the saber and I have the SD card location. I’ll attempt to add my fonts. Anything I should know, do, or take into consideration for this step??

And thank you so much!

Make absolutely sure to “eject safely” before disconnecting OR PROGRAMMING to avoid corrupting the contents of the SD card.

And keep backups on your computer and also somewhere else. (Like onedrive or google drive.)

Cool. I have an external hard drive for backup. Eject safely, yes. What do you mean by OR PROGRAMMING?

When you hit “upload” in arduino, the board will reboot.
If the computer is writing to the SD card at that time, corruption can happen.
So if you have “mass storage” on, you need to “eject safely” before you it upload. Every time.

Good to know. Noticed the data transfers through this method are REALLY SLOW.

Yep, USB1, sorry.

Thanks so much!