Saber Staff/Cane Build

I recently took on a commission to make a saber staff where
the client then challenged me to make one for myself.

Here’s where I’m at so far. I’m still working on the extension.

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Is it meant to be actually practical for you personally? I really wish the Boone Kastis concept ended up getting used somewhere. I feel like someone like Quinlan Vos would use one to conceal his past.

I actually made one a while back. Still working on the outfit to go with it though…

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The one I built for a client is meant to function as an actual cane/staff and in cosplay, just not lightsaber or SW. Mine is built the same, to my measurements. I don’t need one but I figured I may as well build it to match my cosplay so I’m sure it’ll get used soon enough.

Yours looks awesome and I’d love to read what materials etc you used. Feel free to reply here.

The main shaft is aluminium tubing. I used various PVC plumbing connectors etc, as well as some coiled telephone cable to break up the shape. The thinner bit at the base is just a smaller aluminium tube with a part that fits both together. The top is some spare oak veneer with inlaid brass detailing to complement how the hilt looks. I sprayed everything metalic silver, gave it the once over with black and burnt umber acrylics, then fixed with clear coat. Finally, I wrapped in weathered linen cloth and leather cord.

I liked that hilt before so seeing the staff and how you made it work together is awesome. Finishing up the upper piece today.

Photos don’t really do this thing Justice but here’s where this project stands now.

Full Staff.


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That’s a Bendu hilt, right? It all ties together nicely!

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Yea, Bendu Obsidian and thanks. Now to find an opportunity to use it.

@LyleStyle I had both this and your topic open and my son came along and asked me to help him make a slightly smaller version of my cane. Pics pending soon.

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Here’s a progress report on the Padawan’s piece. He wanted it to look similar as far as visual cues but newer and unique to what I could use from the greeble box.

For the base piece we skipped black pvc pipe this time and went with the same as before, white waterline pvc with blue-glue as the bonding agent. Yeah black pipe’s lighter but we also want durability and longevity. To increase hilt retention the upper coupler’s collar has inset cutouts the tips of the hilt’s shrouds engage with.

You’ll recognize the vent section from when I first built out my Coaxium/Smugglers/Saber Case 4 years ago.

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Black pvc glue over the blue glue and couplers for the openly visible pvc parts. Middle sections wrapped with black Gorilla (Duct) tape, center pulled for frayed edges. Then a screwed in rubber foot so it won’t slide out from under him pulled from a scrap electronic piece.

The “rope” tie-down is just old black tee-shirt material. It’s something I learned in rescue and survival training that is just cool and fun to incorporate. The How-To is you cut off the bottom folded section and go in at 3/4" angled and pull strips off the tee-shirt. As long as you watch to be sure the section doesn’t thin out you can easily get 10’-15’ off a large tee-shirt before you hit the sleeve cutouts. More will be used to spiral wrap the lower section for the finished look.

The blade stays mounted to the hilt. This way it adds to the retention and strength across the piece and lets him have light shine-thru on the vent window. The tee-shirt rope weaves around and over the bottom of the top coupler and the shroud ends to create retention.

I’m down to the mock-up on the vent window itself. I’ll have to drill, cut, and file out the window itself so it’s smaller than the vent piece. I’ll be using foam or sanded clear polycarbonate as the inner window for diffusion and then some JB Weld to hold the vent (grille) in place.

For now he’ll be using the edited and forked bladestyle code stuff I did for a flickering or pulsing window effect.

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I finished up the vent window and got it painted. The pulsing bump really works well. Enjoy.

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