Saber not working corectly

Good Day,
I recently order a saber from Theory Sabers with the proffie board.
i wanted to add some fond to it and made shure to make a copy of everything first.
when i was done and realized that what i wanted didn`t work i put my backups back on the sd card and board.
but now i am missing some features.
anyone able to help me restore my saber?

Did you get a config .h file from your installer? Or was one already on the root directory of the SD card when you first got your saber?

Good day sir,
The awnser to you question is yes.
I wanted to make a custom mac windu fond but it didn’t work out.
So before i even attempted it is saved my sd card files on my desktop and the config file is installeble from the web site.
But when i put everything back it didn’t work properly anymore.

Which website?

Ok, but how did you “install” the config file?

Time 24:27

Ok, so the next question would be what version of ProffieOS did you use?
Do you happen to know what version of ProffieOS was used before?
And what features are missing?

On is also a tutorial under support.
I completely followed that guide. So i am not 100% sure what is (was) on it