Saber Nerds Episode V (No Sloppy Strikes Back), Brian Conner

Have you seen Brian on here anwering everyone’s questions? I know Fernando/Fredrik help a ton as well, but Brian has been a very busy bee on multiple platforms helping people learn, and master Proffieboards!!! I don’t think you can discount his contributions to the Proffieboard System.

Now we want to know more, things that just don’t come up in the support groups or here per se. Come meet huge Crucible/Proffie Support Contributor: Brian Conner on Tuesday 8/22/23 at 8:30PM EST USA.

Saber Nerds V!


Oooooh, after 5p PST also so I might actually be able to watch/reply. @NoSloppy does do a ton of support for the community at large and is an amazing person! Can’t wait to watch.

time changed to 7:30 pm est, so we dont interfere with Ahsoka premiere tonight!!!

I was just about to DM you about that time conflict. THX