Saber does not turn on

i did everything as schematic says, but it does not power on. when i plug my micro usb, the board shows signs of life, but not from the battery. Can someone help me via discord?

I can help here.

But I would need to know a lot more.
In particular:

  1. have you measured if power is reaching the board from the battery?
  2. Is your battery charged?
  3. What kind of battery are you using.

Can i call u on discord or something? I am trying to solve this problem rn and it would be nice if someone who knows this stuff could guide me. I could explain everything there.

I don’t do that, but it’s possible someone else can help you that way.

I am having the same issue I think. The saber will only turn on when plugged in with microUSB to computer. Did you ever find the solution?

You could test if it’s your D61 diode gone bad.
To test, plug in USB and boot the saber, turn on the blade.
With the battery engaged, remove USB, the saber should stay on.
kill battery power, then restore it.
If it doesn’t boot, you likely have a bad D61.
You could also test the diode with a multimeter in diode testing mode.
Search this site for D61 and see if any of the info is helpful.

Thank you, I plugged into usb, turned on the saber, then unplugged from usb. The saber then turned off, does this mean I have a faulty D61?

It means that you either have a faulty D61, or a bad battery, or a bad connection between the board and the battery. Use a multimeter to figure out which one…

thanks yea its probably the battery connection ive been having big problems with that no matter how much i scratch it up