Saber did not come with config file i'm lost it is a saberspro saber

My saber works great and all but i am trying to find it’s config file and apparently it did not come with one is it possible to delete all exsisting files off the sd card and just download a better setup onto it. i’m new to this and was directed here by a guy on reddit .

I guess the first question is: What kind of sound board does your saber have?
Is it a proffieboard?

I’m going to assume it is, because if it’s not, you are in the wrong place…

So, there is usually a config file on the SD card, but that’s just a copy. The actual config file is compiled and stored in flash memory on the board itself. Since the config file is compiled, there is no way to extract it from the board, all you would get is a bunch of compiled code, which is not helpful.

If there is no config file, or if it’s been lost somehow, usually the best thing to do is to contact the seller and see if you can get the original config file from them. Depending on how much time they put into constructing the config file, this could save a lot of time.

If neither of these things works, then we can construct a new config file. To do that, we would need to know how the saber is wired, and also what the presets are and some idea what the blade styles should be. No guarantee that it will be the same as the original though. We can make a backup of the code on the proffieboard before we program it with something else to make sure we can always go back.

I have contacted the seller but no response for about 2 weeks i have a proffie 2.2 Luke EP6 - High End Replica Lightsaber by SabersPro that is the link if that helps at all other than that let me know what i can provide picture and info wise. I do not care much about the predownloaded fonts i just want to add new fonts mainly from greyscale fonts

Well, if we need to create a new config file, then we need to figure out how the saber is wired. This can either be done visually, or by measuring. (With a multimeter.) Either way you just need to figure out where each of the wires on the Proffieboard connect to in the saber, then you can use the configuration generator on this page to generate a basic config file:

From there we can start figuring out fonts and blade styles to make it a good config file…

If you want to make a backup of the program on the board before you do that, here is how:

You’ll also need to back up the contents of the SD card of course.