Saber crystals?


I wonder if we could break up tgat pcb on the tesla coil, and how much juice it pulls. Pretty cool though.

There are lots of ways to build a tesla coil.
Also, there are other ways to generate high voltage, like:

It’s also possible an el wire driver could be used.

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I have a couple EL drivers here at the house.

Cool find

These are awesome, I wonder how bright they would be?
Would there be a way to control the Tesla coil to generate a pulse / flicker from the hum font?

I’m actually thinking that I might be able drive the tesla coil directly from one of the FETs on the proffieboard. That would give direct control over the plasma from a proffieos style. :slight_smile:


i sense a game changing addition to proffie OS6 coming :rofl:

I got my discharge tubes today.
I’m not sure if they mislabled some of the tubes, or if the colors are just not nearly what they seem in their pictures. In my kit, 4 out of the 5 tubes shine with an off-white color, and fairly weak. The only one that kind of cool is the neon one, which is an orange-red color and brighter than all the rest put together.

I will post some pictures if I have time.


just a thought but would raising the voltage make a difference to the light emitted from the tubes?
i also wonder how much gas is in the tubes as a weak mixture would also give a low light output.

When making plasma, a low-pressue tube apparently works better, because it gives the particles more time to speed up before they run in to each other. Raising the voltage might make a difference, but the little coil I got with it might explode if I feed it too high a voltage.

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sounds like you will have to have some fun playing with this :grin: let me know if raising the voltage does yield better results as i’m interested in these little jems.
i’m sure it could be hooked up somehow to the sound output to give some sort of flicker effect.
would looks amazing as a crystal / gas chamber!

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