Saber Completely Freezing Or Hum Will Cease

The initial config had the default volume at around 2800 (which was crazy to me), I notched it down because it was too loud for me. I can definitely lower it a bit if you think it helps. The speaker in mine is a “28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W bass speaker” so it’s pretty nice from what I know, but I’m also not an audio tech haha. It’s a proffie republic commando from Saberbay and JSJ. I don’t feel like it’s the speaker failing as all other sounds play totally fine, it’s always the hum stopping but you clearly know much more than me when it comes to speaker tech! I’m going to play around with it more tomorrow

Awww, thanks. I’ve said this before, I’m no expert by any means but yeah I’ve spent a long time in auto stuff and around one of the (now retired) best in sound/car-stereo on the West Coast. @NoSloppy and (IIRC) @Sabersense technically take that title. Drop things to 2200 and see if it suits you or not.

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Sorry for the delayed response, but I do have a small update: Firstly, yeah 2200 is basically the perfect number for loudness. But more importantly, it did happen again- only once with a new font I installed, but it never did it again after that. Only that one time. I did encounter another issue but I have an older thread for that which @profezzorn was helping me with awhile back.

Regarding this issue, it’s not super bothersome because it rarely happens but you know, I’d certainly prefer never. Any other possible suggestions?

Fix the serial monitor problem?

I have to admit I had a hilt do this to me recently. Font idents, ignitions, retractions - all played fine, just no idle hum. Switched fonts but still the same, and the fonts were ones I’ve used a million times before. Volume was only 2000 max with a boot setting of 1200, and I don’t think I’d adjusted it on the buttons (even if I had, 2000 was the max it could have reached).

I was about hook up serial monitor to investigate, but thought I’d try a quick reboot, then couldn’t recreate the problem. I ended up replacing the SD card to be safe, but the original was showing good numbers in serial monitor speed tests, so it seems odd that it would be that. I’ve been soak testing the same hilt ever since but so far it’s been fine. Will report back if I can recreate it, and will try to get some meaningful serial monitor info if I do.