Russian Doll Hard Drive

I’ve decided to upgrade my workstation hard drive from SATA to NVMe. Normally, this would be easy, but I also want to be able to swap hard drive through the front panel.

So, I bought a Samsung 2Tb m.2 drive…
And stuck it in an IcyDock m.2 to u.2 adapter…
Then I’m using a Syba 3.5" nvme hot-swap adapter… (With a SFF-8639 to m.2 cable)
Finally, that goes in a silverstone 3.5" to 5.25" front panel adapter…

My HD will have more layers than an onion.


Fredrik, you’re just upgrading to NVME from SATA now? Does your car have holes in the floor like the Flintstones too?

Just kidding… But seriously, I would have thought your workstation would have gone from SCZI straight to NVME, skipping SATA entirely… :wink:

Man I loved 50 - pin SCSI drive cables. Metal wire retention spring clasp things.

The computer-surgery has been successful, the patient lives and is faster than ever.
Now I can retire one of my SATA ssds and use it to speed up my file server with bcache instead.

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