Roy86 "Oggdo Killer" Build

An ambitious project to pack as many features as I can into the space within an “Oggdo Killer” hilt designed by Dennis Lukyanov.

The internal components so far planned are:

  • Proffieboard 2.2 (or v3 when available)
  • OLED In-hilt
  • Bluetooth FSCBT909 module
  • 28mm Bass Speaker
  • 18650 3500mAh
  • Kill Switch
  • TP4056 Charger
  • USB-C breakout to connect proffie and charging
  • Crystal Cage
  • SK6812/SK6805 2020/1515 LEDs Accents in many places
  • Delrin Internal Chassis
  • Acid etched aluminium over lower chassis in handle


I’ll try update as I work on it with photos and details

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Oh this is gonna be a cram-fu build to watch! I’m looking forward to it!

thanks mate, the hardest part is designing that crystal cage :wink: everything else I think will work

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