RGB values for style editor colours

Are the built in colours within the style editor just the standard ones you can find when you search online, or if not, do we have a list of what they are?

Ah thanks! The do differ from the references I was using!

Relatedly, would it make sense to have a parameter for audio flicker where the flicker colour could be the original colour but with a % reduction? So you could do <RotateColorsX<Variation,DarkOrange>,RotateColorsX<Variation,DarkOrange,60>> and it would take the dark orange values and bump them down to 60 percent?

To darken a color, you can just mix it with black, like this:

Mix<Int<12000>,DarkOrange, Black>

I should also point out that ProffieOS interprets RGB values differently than how a computer does it. ProffieOS uses linear values, while computers tends to use the sRGB transfer function. Also, the actual colors of LEDs makes a difference.

This is why it took me a bit to grind out values that worked clean with the Fallen animations. If you need any references other than the main list I intentionally pastebin/share how I tweak things so others have it easier. Heck, I even switched what the code plays like doing the darkened colors first then the brighter as the topper.

If ya come up with new combinations definitely share them. :wink:

In most cases, translating from sRGB values to ProffieOS values follows this formula:

ProffieOSValue = 255 * (\frac{sRGBValue}{255}) ^{2.2}

Or, if you use the Rgb16<> style for colors:

Rgb16Value = 65535 * (\frac{sRGBValue}{255}) ^{2.2}

Note that the this doesn’t compensate for the difference in the primaries. (The colors of the LEDs.) The Rgb16 formula is what the style editor uses if you use the color selector button.

Personally, I think that the “max saturation” colors are best for lightsabers. That means that any colors you use ought to follow these rules:

  1. One of the three values should be zero.
  2. One of the three values should be 255 (or 65535 if you use Rgb16)
  3. The last value can be anything.

This set of colors is also what the “color wheel” tends to generate, assuming you start with a color that also follows those rules.

You can get more brightness, but less color by bending rule #1. (Which is equivalent to blending with White to some degree.)

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I noticed that changing rule 1 is super sensitive. even just setting it to 10 will wash out the colours.

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Is there a way to add specific colors to the color wheel?

Edit: Or maybe a better question is does the color wheel function pull from the colors.h file whichever colors you put in?

No, ColorWheel adjusts the hue of the color, it’s not using a file or defined colors.

Color List is OS6 will use a predefined list of colors to scroll through (in addition to Adjust Hue, White Level and Black Level)

That’s very cool. But what your saying is that until os6 there is no way to add a new specific color with out hard coding it into the font in the config file? Like silver or low light dim? I prefer to retain the motion color adjust so any font and style can have multiple colors.

In current OS you’d build a ColorChange<> style if you wanted “White” or “Black” colors. The ColorWheel doesn’t do White or Black, just ROYGBIV mixes.