REVANTED custom saber install

So here is another for you :stuck_out_tongue:

• Precisely CNC-machined REVANTED hilt produced by ShtokCustomWorx and Warsabers
• SLS high detailed 3D-printed chassis system with metal tubes and sound board hatch
• 2 brass buttons
• 28mm bass speaker
• in-hilt battery charging, SD card Data access and board firmware upgrades through USB-C port
• charging status Red/Green LED indicator
• Kill Switch
• Pixelblade configuration with SCW NPXL connector
• 7/8 inch blade in a 1 inch hilt blade holder
• removable Protected 18650 3.7V 3000-3500mAh battery
• Proffieboard v2.2 sound board
• FSC-BT909 bluetooth remote control module
• total weight of the saber without blade: 360 g
• duel worthy



I’ll never understand how that’s his Sith hilt and the spiky monstrosity is meant to be his Jedi one.


I agree lol, should be vice versa.


Arguably, this design is the apex of lightsaber usability.

Love the chassis work on this! And so full of features too!
Would love to be able to create something close to this for my saber.

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Revan was always about subverting expectations and rebelling against norms.

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