Repairing Card Slot

The Card Slot of my Proffie fell off is there a way to repair it?

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there’s a few option you have but if it fell off you may want to reach out to who sold you the lightsaber especially if it was a new and in warranty saber. that being said, if you are planning to fix it yourself it may be worthwhile to invest in a hot air rework station and some solder paste. you can try soldering it back on but you need to keep the solder from raising the sdcard holder too high or otherwise the sdcard won’t make contact.

I would recommend reaching out to someone that has smd hot air reworking fixing. from memory the only one that I know who has is @MegtoothSith but I’m not sure what his availability is.

I could do it.

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see, you’re in the right place, @DewElr these peeps are the best.

while I appreciate that Max, I am but the learner, Brian Conner is the master with SMD. Im still very much a yougling with smd rework, although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…:wink:

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