Remove low battery indicator?

Is there a way to remove the audible low battery warning on proffieboards? I hate removing the battery from my sabers as I love to just pick them up randomly and play with them. I have spare batteries that I just swap out when needed. I know when the battery is dead as the saber won’t work :laughing:, so I don’t really need the audible warning. And the main reason: it always goes off when I’m at work and my wife is working from home :laughing:. She hates my multiple sabers enough as it is! I had a couple that had really annoying ringing sounds to indicate low battery, and I thought deleting those would do the trick. It appears as though there is a built in warning, though. Anybody know if this is possible. Thank you all!

I would recommend instead using a kill key or switch to turn off the saber, as relying on the protection circuit in the battery just generally isn’t a great thing.

That being said, the simplest way to do this would just be to create (if you don’t have one already) a common folder, add that to the directory lists for your presets, and put a lowbatt.wav with just silence in it. Or a blank file in every soundfont… but that’s more work.

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It’s definitely possible, but there isn’t a define or anything for it.

You just need to edit this function:

Easiest is probably to add #if 0 between line 1041 and 1042, and an #endif right before the end bracket. (Which is currently on line 1052).

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I’ll give that a shot. Definitely not a huge deal, but would save some annoyance. I can’t believe how quickly you respond to inquiries. Really appreciate it.

I do have a killswitch on a couple, but I’m even too lazy to unscrew the hilt and click it on and off :laughing::man_facepalming:. I thought about adding the silent indicator as well. Thanks for the quick reply.

Just replace the low battery wav sound with something different sounding. Simple and effective.