Removable Dual Speaker Setup Question

Hi. If two speakers are wired in parallel to the proffie board, would one work fine if the other was removed and the circuit left open? (diagram below) I’m creating a removable chassis that I want to work in more than one hilt–one of which will have an exposed crystal chamber–and I’m considering placing a speaker at the base of the crystal chamber; but if I do that, when I put the chassis into a different hilt, the circuit would be left open. I’m guessing this couldn’t work in series–but will it work in parallel? Should the speakers be 4ohm or 8ohm, 2W or 3W?

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This would work just fine, but you’ll need to use 8 ohm speakers.
Two 8-ohm speakers basically equals one 4-ohm speaker.
An 8-ohm speaker will never get the full 3 watts though, so a 2-watt speaker would be enough. (a 3-watt speaker would still be fine, there is no harm in having a speaker that can handle more watts.)

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