Recommendations for Proffieboard installers

  • Put a copy of ProffieOS, including the config file you used for the saber on the SD card. Call the folder “ProffieOS source”.
  • Make sure to select “Serial + WebUSB + Mass Storage” in arduino->tools->usb type.
  • You are the primary contact for problems with the saber, but feel free to redirect all proffieboard related problems to this forum.
  • Make sure that the USB connector and the buttons on the proffieboard can be accessed without making any destructive changes. (Like cutting tape, breaking glue, etc.) If an angled usb connector is required, please make sure your customers have that information.
  • Ideally, the SD card should also be accessible, and the user shouldn’t have to wiggle the board around to get to these things. The result is often broken wires and more work for everybody.
  • Unless you have your own tutorials, send people who wants to add fonts and such to this page: Easy ProffieOS customization Most other proffieboard resources will recommend programming the board from scratch, which will be beyond the capabilities of some users.