"Random" blinking accent lights

Hello, I am finishing up building a Korbanth KBX Trooper, and need some assistance with programing one of my accent LED strips.
If you’ve seen this saber, it has 4 LED’s on the side of the hilt. This is a 4 LED board shining through some clear bubbles. anyway, what I (think) I would like, is to have those LED’s blink on & off slowly in various colors when I power up the hilt, & probably continue that while the blade is lit too.
I’ve got a couple of LED Strips in the chassis as well so this is a 3 blade configuration, and I have both the main blade, and the accent strips doing what I want, I just can’t figure out how to program these 4 accent lights on the side to look… interesting.
(running v7.14 on a 2.2)
Thanks in advance.

Use my library, build an Accent style and apply a Color Type with a ‘Color Shift’, ‘Rainbow Shift’ or ‘OmniColor’ modification applied.


Use the Build a Sequence tool to build out your own Sequence of colors and effects.


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