Rain mode sound

hello there people! So, I just installed OS7, it’s awesome. I watched Fett’s videos and all, and I wanted to ask.

Does anyone have\ knows someone that has or sells the rain sound for rain mode? I tried making the sound myself, but clearly I’m doing something wrong haha

What exactly are you looking for?
If it’s a version of your font but with rain mixed in, that’s pretty easily creatable.

I think the effect plays a rain sound over the hum? It’s to give the effect of the rain hitting the blade.

As astromech noted, it’s a separate sound with just rain and maybe some sounds of drops hitting the blade. It runs on a loop (trloop) independent from the hum.

Sure, here how’s this?

You may want to adjust the volume of it. Easiest way to do that is in the font config.ini file (or put the following entry in a config.ini file in your common folder to apply to all fonts)

# Set the volume for each effect individually, in percent.
# 50 makes it half as loud. 200 makes it twice as loud. 
# Maximum allowed value is currently 255. The default is 100.
# EFFECTNAME can be "clash", “preon”, “out”, “pstoff”, etc.
# Default 100
# ProffieOS.SFX.EFFECTNAME.volume=100

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If you visit my website you can download my freebie fontpack (link below) inside which you’ll find a complete rain blade sound font. It’s designed so the raindrops hitting the blade fizz as they are instantly boiled and turned to steam.



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@NoSloppy thank u so much! Sorry it took me this long to rerply, classes restarted lol. the sound worked perfectly! Abd jus one extra question, regarding the config. I just copy and paste to the end of the font config? ajusting the value of course. wha I mean is if I should paste the entire text, with the # and everything.

again thank u so much

That’s cool. I remember there was a TLJ Graflex font that had a rain hum as well.

The reason for the separate rain sounds is because of the new OS7 feature that will give you rain blade as a multiphase option.

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Yes the # is the format for commented lines in that file.

Is there any way to have the audio stop when the blade is turned off after starting it?

Not currently, the blade doesn’t control the weather :wink:.

I’d have to look at adding a conditional control, not sure how hard/easy it would be. The current design assumed the rain would continue even if you turn your saber off.

I love the rain font “KyberRain” and have actually used it for meditating a couple of times. :smiley:

:rofl: Although it can “brighten your day”.