Quote Player Start On / No Repeat Random / FORCE PUSH / Multi-Phase


I’ve been adding various DEFINES to my config and the majority are working. There are a few that don’t seem to be, or I’m misunderstanding how they work or overlooking something.

  1. For the Quote Player Start On - it seems that after I take the kill key out, all fonts play quotes (from the ‘quote’ folder) first and not force files (from "force’ folder). But if for example, I switch and play a force file, and then change fonts and then come back to the font, it’ll play the force file (as if I remained in the font).

  2. The No Repeat Random define doesn’t seem to work. I tried it on blasters and force files to check on different fonts, and still played them randomly.

  3. I can’t seem to trigger force push. On a rare occasion I do but most of the time I don’t. And I’ve experiment with different lengths, the lowest being 3.

  4. How does multiphase * Hold AUX + Twist = Next Preset if my config is set to do lock up with hold AUX?

Thank you!

And I’m sharing my config just in case.
StarKiller_Renzo_mod1.h (68.8 KB)

just starts the toggle as quote, this is only reset by the button action so if you change fonts the toggle remains.

This will prevent the “random” selection of sound files from repeating. In normal use every sound is randomly selected, this randomness means you can have sounds repeat themselves.
This define will prevent a back-to-back repeat of the same sound for any effect with more than 2 sounds

Force Push takes some practice, you want the movement to be perpendicular to the hilt, if there’s any angle to the movement it won’t register as a Push

To be honest, the hold Aux for lockup was an addition for sa22c prop users since they requested. In theory if you hold Aux and perform the twist immediately it “should” work but if that define conflicts then you’ll either need to modify the prop or don’t use that define. The hold button for lockup never made any sense to me personally so I never use, and it limits available controls for other features.

Thanks Fernando! Makes sense, just a couple follow ups:

  1. What do you mean by “button action”? Trying to figure out what resets it.

  2. I put the “NO_REPEAT_RANDOM” define in my config. But items like force and blasters for example are still playing randomly and not in sequential order.


Per the prop controls:

If pointing straight down will toggle Force/Quote and play

NO_REPEAT_RANDOM doesn’t play sounds sequentially, re-read the description I posted above, it prevents the same sound from being repeated.

Okay, thanks so much!

Hey Fernando,

Just one more question. I tried finding it, but what is the way to scroll through fonts with the default (config) music track playing for each one while you do it? I’ve stumbled on it accidentally but can’t figure out.


Not sure what you mean. You can play a track and then scroll through presets but it won’t change the track. They’re two separate things.

I’ll video it next time it happens. But yea, if you’re playing the track and go on to the next preset it automatically starts playing the track for that one (and for any as you scroll).

This could be a cool official DEFINE for future.

If you used track player with a playback option it will continue to play tracks, in theory if there’s different tracks in each font then it would select from the new font but they is just the track player, it’s not the scroll preset.