Quote player occasionally activating when swinging

Hey there! First post in here so I hope I’m doing this right.

Just got my first proffie last week and successfully put a font on my saber (Ronin by Kyberphonic). Love the font and I’m really satisfied with the effects I got from the style library. However been playing around with it and noticed that sometimes when I’m swinging it around and making sharp direction and speed changes, it’ll play one of the quotes (normally 3 button clicks for me).

Is this something I must have done in my defines and need to fix, is it a sound font issue, or something else entirely? Thanks for the help

I should note that it’s very infrequent and occasional but still bothersome.

Any chance it’s your main button or the wires to or from it shorting out due to the momentum? I’ve repaired a hilt for someone that exhibited this and once I fixed the loose wire and put a small section of heat shrink to keep it better secured the issue went away.

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No I think I’m actually just a dumbass because I JUST realized BC_Force_Push is defined and I didn’t realize what it was until I looked it up. So it’s been triggering sometimes when I thrust. Sorry for wasting people’s time haha but thank you for the suggestion

It’s all good, no worries. Glad ya figured it out.