Quick Questions on SA22C gestures

I am not sure if this goes in this forum or the ProffieOS forum, but here goes. I am using the new SA22C buttons file and the gesture controls therein. However, there are two or three gestures that I cannot seem to trigger or maybe I am not understanding…

SA22C_STAB_ON, SA22C_THRUST_ON, and SA22C_FORCE_PUSH. I am not sure what the difference between STAB and THRUST would be and I am not at all clear on what condition triggers the Force Push. In any case, the STAB and THRUST on gestures do not seem to be doing anything unless I am really missing something.

Also, what does SA22C stand for… Others seems to be named for proliffic contributors to the project, but this one does not seem to match any of the names I have seen so far. LOL…

First you should make sure you have the file that actually includes these gestures, as the OS 5.9 releases did not include them (I think I saw somewhere that you already grabbed the newer version though).

So that’s first.
Stab is a forward motion ending in an impact at the tip, so literally stabbing a wall for example.
Thrust is a bit trickier, where it is a motion that starts from a complete stand still then a forward “stabbing” motion but no impact required. If you end the motion with a sudden stopping jerk, you may trigger a false clash, which would trigger a stab instead, so while practicing I suggest distinct sounds or look for a stab blade animation to clarify which you are triggering. The beginning of the motion is where I find it triggers, and sometimes I find it helpful to “almost” pull backwards a touch first, but more a mental cue than actually pulling backward if that makes sense.
The speed at which you start, (in my mind when I do it) is similar to what you’d do if you banged your elbow on something and hit your funny bone, sort of a sudden knee-jerk reaction, then a smooth follow through on the forward thrust extension of your arm. (mouthful, huh?!)

Push is the most difficult IMO, and it uses translation, which in itself is difficult to make work in the code . Holding the saber pointing up for example, you would push it laterally away from you like a short punching motion. Sometimes I find more of a “jab” motion with some pronation helps, sometimes I
get it inadvertently when just clashing the hilt against my other hand…it’s tough. There’s also FORCE_PUSH_LENGTH that can adjust the sensitivity. 1 = shortest distance to trigger (easiest for some), 10 = longest motion required to trigger.

Once you “get” these with some practice, you should be able to do them on command, but it does take practice.

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I certainly did make sure to get the new SA22C file when I read about it here on this site. I was just having some issues with stab and thrust on… All of you guys are just crazy amazing in what you’re doing with this. It blow my mind.

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Ahh, many thanks… I didn’t know if it was a person / contributor to the project or if it was named for one of the saber makers out there. I was certainly hoping it was not for Savvy’s Armory or something…

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SA22C is the model number of a Mazda Rx7s Chassis He was a racing car driver.


that makes sense now… but over this side of the pond they were known as FB3S :rofl: