Question about functions

Hey all. Its been awhile. Hope th holidays [if observed] were good along with the new year. I apologize if i use the wrong terms.
Been trying to set up a style using the function part of the editor for cal kestis. I use sublime text. Ive been using opera for the editor. Hit copy and paste. Save as config file. Open and add to arduino and it goes through compiling and nothing changes. Tried copying the config here and get some wierd format error.
Open in edge chrome to try and same thing. No settings have been messed with. It appears to be saving as the wrong format. Now i cant open the file anywhere. All editing is not working.

I can add styles and fonts. Thatll change. But moment i try to add a function its like the file corrupts. I think issue is my laptop. I just dont know where to look to start fixing it.

Config files are header files that use a .h filename extension (as opposed to .txt or .jpg for example.)
If you use Windows on your computer, the silly default setting is to hide these “known file name extensions” and you have nothing to go by other than the “type” column in the file browser to tell you it’s a file “H type”
I’m not sure if this is even what your describing is the problem, but you should check the “View” setttings in there and turn off the checkmark for hiding the extensions.

About your post:
What “editor”? The Style Editor?
Do you mean Fett263’s Style Library?
What is “the function part” ? Do you mean the “using” alias thing?
When you said "

you mean you pasted the style into a preset in the config file, yes? The style alone in a file is not a config file.

To paste code you can type 3 backticks (`), hit return,
paste your code, hit return,
type another 3 backticks to close it and it’ll format it like this:

This is some code in backticks

I hope that helps maybe?