Question about Batteries


I previously asked questions about my blade dimming and white blade colors yellowing. Confirmed with all of your help that it’s a battery issue. Pach Store confirmed that the li-On batteries often lose their efficiency over time even if fully charged when used and stored safely.

Im having a hard time finding the flat top 10A battery. Profezzorn directed me to Saberarmory which only sells the Keeppower 15A. I asked Pach Store if the 15A would be ok with the Ultimate Works Proffie heart and they responded “No, cannot recommend that as we only tested “FLAT TOP Li On Battery NCR 18650BD 3200 MAH 3.6/7v 10A” to work with our setup.”

My question is - is there anybody currently using a saber with the Pach Store / Ultimate Works removable Proffie Chassis that is using a 15A instead of the 10A? Obviously I don’t want to put the 15A in my Saber and have it fry the board or burn out my LEDs.

Thanks Guys!

It’s mostly likely space issue, not CDR rate. Protected button top is at least 2mm taller than flat top. So it may not fit to their battery holder.

The same cell as Keeppower 15A 3120 mAh uses.

That’s not how The Force works.
The amperage rating on a battery indicates how much can be pulled from the battery.
Current is drawn FROM the power source, not pushed. So what it means is if the board is asking for 10 amps of current, a 15 amp rated battery can do that no problem and still have five amps to spare.
In contrast, if the board is asking for 13 amps but you only have a 10 amp rated battery, your brightness and sound is going to suffer because there’s not enough current available from the power source.
Hope that clears things up for you.
As I think I mentioned in your other post, the only reason they use flat tops is for sizing that fits in their chassis.

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