Q about Color change Direct

I am wanting to know if ColorChange is compatible with EDIT_MODE options/ Style option selection?

I get that ColorChange<> lets you basically cycle styles on the fly. I am wondering exactly how it is different from using EDIT_MODE to change the style/color, and what are the recommended / possible ways to use both features together in the same style?

They seem like they kindof do the same thing, only ColorChange<> lets you cycle pre-set style options without having to go through edit mode menu.

That’s what “Multi-Phase (Original Color Change)” option in the Multi-Phase Blade Builder in my library does :wink:.



So, I notice most fonts I can find online don’t have alt sounds, etc. And I haven’t found any yet with the new OS7 interactive blast sounds.

If you have multiple fonts, and you want to use EDIT MODE with a style that uses ColorChange / special abilities to cycle, what does it do for fonts that don’t have alt fonts? Does it just use the base hum and sounds if the alt sounds are missing for that font?

I am thinking of trying to add the color changing (all 9 colors in one) Survivor style, under one of the STYLE_OPTIONS. I’m trying to figure out how it works, and mostly if it’s worth trying to incorporate into my “all in one” master blade style (which uses EDIT MODE and all the STYLE OPTIONS to choose different combinations of visual effects)

ColorChange is different and separate from alt font.

If you use the Multi-Phase (Original Color Change) option it only switches the styles/colors, this is the “old” way we did styles like Cal Kestis. If you want Alt Font support use the Special Abilities Multi-Phase.

The videos at top of my library explain Alt Fonts and the new features.

Not sure what you’re after with “master blade” thingy. There’s a diminished return on memory savings and style performance when you start piling options on top of options. In my testing, as you near several 100 possible combinations in a style it stops saving memory when compared to having several smaller styles with a few hundred combinations in each to rotate through. It also becomes unwieldy to actually use and know what you’re selecting when you get too many combinations and options lumped into a single style.

You can also start to see diminished performance on the actual effects as the styles require more processing due to complexity.