Pulsing light without turning off?

I’ve just finished a chassis that uses a small cob strip with 5 pixels behind a clear layer and some diffusion. i’m going for a crystal chamber effect but I can’t figure out how to have the crystal “pulse” without fully turning off - what i’m looking for is a way to have it dim and brighten where i can set the lowest dim level. Is that doable?

Just choose a “Dim-On” Pulse instead of “Off-On” :wink:.

Oh well if you’re going to make it super complicated.

That’s a new one. Thanks!!

Pretty sure it’s been around for a minute. You can also change the value of the other half of the pulse to be something other than black.

All colors are just RGB values.
Rgb<255,0,0> is full Red. If you want a dimmer Red instead of Black, just use like Rgb<60,0,0>
For example: