Proven SD Card Supply Links

I realise this has been touched upon before, but since SD card reliability in Proffies seems to be a hit or miss affair, I thought maybe it would be useful for people to post details here of proven sources of reliable cards, including links.

For my part I just bought four supposedly Sandisk cards, all in what looked like proper printed Sandisk packaging (backboards and blister pack). Unfortunately all returned random Mac -36 errors when I tried to copy files on to them. I’ve had the same experience with packaged Kingstons. All of which suggests these were knock off copies.

The trouble is with no real way of checking whether disks are genuine or fake, it seems the only way is to buy disks from proven sources. I realise this will be a constantly moveable feast as stock gets sold, but if people know the last half dozen or so links are current, it would be really helpful.

So to kick things off, if anyone has a link to a UK based supplier that they have recently used to buy decent performing cards, please post a link here 'cos currently I’m desperately short of them . :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is that even the real stuff has quality problems. I’m not aware of ANY brand of sd cards that always works. It’s possible it’s due to knock-offs, but if you can’t tell, does it matter?

I concur completely Prof. That’s why I’m now thinking that if someone has bought a bunch of cards from Acme Supplies on ebay and they’ve all worked well, it doesn’t matter if they’re knock offs or not - so posting the link to that actual supplier on here will help other people. And while I appreciate stocks and batches change, it will at least give buyers a starting point, rather than just ordering blindly in the hope you get some good ones which is what we’re all having to do currently.

What we really need is a brand of SD cards with a sense of pride in their work. I want warranties, data sheets, TBW, iso-9000, all of it!

Although, my guess is that if something like that existed, it would cost a lot too…

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Again I’m with you. And I would be willing to pay more for cards if I knew they would perform well. But in my limited experience, buying more expensive cards is just as much of a lottery as buying cheaper ones. :confused:

I bought the Industrial version ones directly from Kingston. They seem rock solid with top speed performance and zero issues thus far.


Kind of funny!

It’s almost exactly what Profezzorn asked for except they do not say which size the TWB spec is for, and it’s out of stock.

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TBW is specified: Up to 1920 TBW (for 64GB version)
Quite unusual for SD cards.