Prop file tied to Blade ID

I want to create a chassis that would work with sabers that have different button configurations (one mom, one latch, two mom, one latch one mom, etc.). For this, I’d need the regular Blade ID config for changing fonts and blades, but I’d also need to change which prop file to reference to have the controls bound to presets. I’d have a prop file for each button type, or maybe switch case within one prop file. Is this possible?

It is definitely possible, but there is no particular support for it, so it will take some programming to do it. You’d need your button prop to instantiate the buttons on demand when the configuration changes, and you will probably also need some if/switch statements in Event2() to handle different configurations differently.

Switching prop files seems like it might be more difficult, but switch statements in Event2() should work around that fairly well I think.

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