ProffieOS7.x Fett263 Prop File Updates

The prop already overrides that exact same setting right here:

I hear ya. Might be my error, or that I’m getting the timing wrong.

Serial Monitor
Config_TOP and PROP sections

And you’re saying the mod to prop_base fixed? The Turn EVENT could be the culprit but not if changing prop_base fixed.

Changing prop_base did fix it, unequivocally. I did the test with the default prop_base, the edited prop_base, then the default again. It seems that there is less delay by default than OS6, but virtually no delay when modifying prop_base.

I don’t understand how modifying Clash2 in prop_base can have any effect if you’re using the Fett263 prop, since it is never called. Or did you modify something else?

Yeah, that doesn’t really make sense. I “think” you’re turning your hilt in some instances and not in others and that is causing the difference you’re seeing, the prop_base edit is a red herring.

Try this branch and don’t mod anything.

If my guess is right you’re turning hilt just enough that the EVENT_MENU_TURN was triggering when you were trying to clash quickly in some tests and not others and that was the difference you were seeing, not the timing of the clash itself, this should rectify.

Turns out the hilt I was testing clashes on is significantly more rigid than the OS6-installed hilt I was comparing against. Once I lowered the clash threshold, I was able to activate repetitive clashes at the same rate as the hilt with OS6 on it.

Otherwise, all is working as expected thus far.

Still not sure how that would create a difference when you modded prop_base or are you saying you compared OS6 with the mod to prop_base on a different saber than the one you tested OS7 on?
For the record if you’re testing something in OS7 you really should test the same saber with everything else equal for these instances. Testing different sabers with different OS versions introduces way too many variables to be helpful. Any future testing should be done on same saber with minimal variables or we end up going down rabbit holes trying to troubleshoot something that doesn’t exist.

I tested OS7 on both, but the hilt that I was having difficulty getting clashes to repetitively register had a higher clash threshold in the OS7 setup, as in the OS6. It was a variable I did not control for.

Still confusing, you tested the same saber on OS7 twice, once with the mod to prop_base Clash2() and once without and that same saber acted differently?

Or you had 2 sabers act differently on OS7 and the only difference was changing clash threshold on one of them to fix?

The latter. With the saber that I changed the clash threshold on, I had it set to a lower clash threshold on OS6. During the update to OS7, I inadvertently set a higher clash threshold.

Ok. To have tested what you originally wrote you would have needed to test the same saber with the same settings on OS7 twice, with the only difference being modding the prop_base in OS7 as you noted. In that case I am fairly certain you would have no difference since Clash2 in prop_base is overriden by my prop in OS7, so everything works now?

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Yes, that’s correct, except for the clash threshold. I believe that was higher before modding prop_base. So, everything works now because I lowered the clash threshold to what it was in OS6.

Re: Twist on/off, I am noticing that both are less sensitive than in OS6, i.e., it is a bit harder to consistently get a twist on or off with the same twist hand gesture.

Anyone else notice this? Perhaps there is a tweak to the gesture that I am unaware of?

There’s an update that just merged yesterday that “could” be related. Try getting the current master here (instead of Beta zip) to see if there is a difference.

That worked perfectly.

Join me Thursday, March 9th at 9:00pm EST as I discuss all of the new features, defines and customization available via my prop for OS7. As well as a look at the new config tool to help make it all easier to set up your config.
I’ll try to answer OS7 questions from the chat as well.


Bummer. Can’t make it for LIVE Thursday, have to watch replay.
Keep us updated if you move it to Friday :upside_down_face:

Hey, some quick feedback. My brother was over, and has the exact same saber I’m testing OS7 with and mostly the same preset setup (other than OS6). We were going back and forth testing the twist on / twist off gestures. While the update you referenced definitely made a difference for me, there is still a difference in the twist gesture recognition from OS6 to OS7 using your prop.

Specifically, it is either that you have to execute the twist farther, or deeper if that makes sense, or that you have to snap the twist more quickly (second half of the twist gesture). We tried it many times, and even connected the two sabers to make a solid saberstaff, so that one person could test the same twist gesture. We both tested it and the twist is recognized more often on OS6 than on OS7. Like I said, the update you referenced helped, but obviously not to get the sensitivity of OS6 back.

What do you think?

I don’t see anything that would cause, normal TWIST has not been changed at all between the versions. I added a few more false returns for RIGHT/LEFT but not sure how they’d come into play unless there was something else happening prior to you doing the motion.

Try this branch. If it is still “different” I need your config as well as the Serial Monitor output of the OS6 and OS7 replications (specify which is which).