ProffieOS7 Style Library Demo Teaser - Jedi: Survivor Video Game Style with "Party Mode"

This is a demo new OS7 style from my upcoming OS7 Library based on the features and gameplay from “Jedi: Survivor” video game that leverages several new features from ProffieOS7 to give you the same experience as the game on your Proffieboard saber. With ProffieOS7 and my upcoming OS7 library the level of immersion and interaction with your saber can be taken up tenfold and we can do things that were never possible before.

First, a big thanks to Jesse at KyberPhonics for providing the new Jedi: Survivor Font and idea for “Party Mode” in a ProffieOS7 blade style. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release of this new font from KyberPhonics!

This new blade style utilizes multiple new features and capabilities from my upcoming OS7 Library:

  • 9 Selectable Colors in a single preset and just like in the game when you choose a different color crystal the sounds of the saber change with it using the new Alt Font support. Each color has unique hum, swings, ignitions retractions and more.
  • The new Special Abilities in OS7 allow you to easily control the colors and sounds, you can scroll forward, backward or have a color randomly selected using Special Abilities 1, 2, 3.
  • Just like in the game this style also features a “Party Mode” that can be toggled on or off with Special Ability 4. While in Party Mode, just like in the game, every hard swing will randomly change the color and sound, so you can jump in and out of Party Mode as often as you like.

This style is the first (of many) generated with my new OS7 Library. I’ve been hard at work on all new interfaces, menus and capabilities to allow users to build some of the most amazing styles possible and to support all of the new things OS7 can do.

I am finishing up the initial phase of my OS7 Library and hope to have the Early Access Beta ready in the next couple of weeks for my current Patreon members. OS7 and the library development has taken a lot of my time and effort so I’m thanking my Patreon patrons by giving them Early Access to the new library when it’s ready.

If you want to become a Patreon before I announce the Beta you can sign up now. I’ll have more details on the Early Access release and subsequent updates as I finish the library and prepare it for release.


You know I’m smiling right now, right?

I’m trying to take all this in because it’s a lot.

Let’s say I want to have on style that encompasses all of these fonts and colors, all in the same basic style - just changing the base color with the font. Are you saying that can be done on OS7? How’s that work?

Also btw everyone who worked on this font - thank you. I’ve been waiting for it and ordered the pack straight away. Absolutely love it.

Yup, that’s one of the new features in OS7. There is more information here:

That’s wild. I gotta dig in to that. What’s the button combo to do kyber selection?

Depends entirely on the style and prop (along with defines), you probably want to catch up on all of the OS7 features :wink:

I have built a new version with recipes into the OS7 Library.

I’ve built all new Jedi Survivor Blade styles for my ProffieOS7 Library (currently in Early Access Beta). There are 9 unique animations specific to each color option. You can select these individually -or- use the Style Recipe for “KyberPhonics Survivor Party Mode 2” feature to pre-build -or- build your own Multi-Phase version using Blade Builder.

These blade styles include an automatic power surge whenever you ignite or change the saber color using Special Abilities. The surge increases the speed and intensity of the animation for a short period on each change just like we see in the game.
If you use the Style Recipe, Party Mode will be automatically included as Special Ability 4. With Party Mode once you toggle it on, each swing will randomly change the blade color and style. You can exit Party Mode by toggling Special Ability 4 again.
The other Special Abilities included in the recipe are:
Special Ability 1 = Next Phase
Special Ability 2 = Previous Phase
Special Ability 3 = Random Phase
Special Ability 4 = Toggle Party Mode (Random Swing Change)

In addition, I added the following special abilities to this style (you can pick and choose and customize all of the Special Abilities to your liking):
Special Ability 5 = Ignition with Power Up Effect
Special Ability 6 = Select Random Phase and Ignite
Special Ability 7 = Select Phase 0 (Blue) and Ignite
Special Ability 8 = Select Next Phase and Ignite

This style can be used with any font but it will automatically include Alt Font support to match Party Mode from KyberPhonics which has alt000 to alt008 as follows. This allows the sounds of the saber to change to match the Phase/Color automatically.
alt000 = blue
alt001 = cyan
alt002 = green
alt003 = indigo
alt004 = magenta
alt005 = orange
alt006 = purple
alt007 = white (silver)
alt008 = yellow (gold)

More info on Early Access Beta here: ProffieOS7 Style Library - Early Access Beta Testing Thread

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