ProffieOS v7.x feature requests

A sonic screwdriver PROP feat were turning/twisting like you do for the edit mode or twist on.
in this case it increase/decrease the pitch of the hum with a slower twist. and a lock up mode where you hold the button down and twist vers a clash… I am not sure if this can be accomplished with just a prop file. Lock up mode would be angry screwdriver setting vers a lock up. I dont know exactly how I would like the set up for the prop. but I do know the twist to increase pitch would be something to be added.

*That would be a pretty thin walled sonic screwdriver based on my 10th Doctor version and a couple other screen accurate ones.

I am getting a CT smith… he is my doctor. and I am working on the most basic of boards, take the idea of the M2 to the extreme. 2 fetts. 2 buttons. 2 data. speaker. merging the batt and usb power and grd. And moving the usb off board. using jst 1mm for both USB interface and I could do the same for the pwr and mosfets.

oh an a tv be gone feature… you could put IR led in blasters and maybe a sonic like the 12th. maybe the 11th. I want to try embeding a neo/IR led combo mini board in a tip. It would be fun to set it up for power and mute. yes its a pun or double entendre. A literal IR blaster.

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I think the pieces to do this are coming together.
Alt sounds, WavNum, the ability to repeat one of multiple hums, triggering a particular wav from the blade style, and custom prop actions… Seems promising.

Ok but what about using rotation to trigger the next wav?

The new “Special Abilities” controls coming to my prop should handle just fine :wink:

Same concept as shown here, just a different application which can be set at the style/preset level.

More info in this thread:

Feature request:
As seen in another thread, I’ve been getting to grips with OLED. I’ve found that I like to tweak some of the parameters in the font’s config.ini file.

However I think it would be useful to be able to make those tweaks globally rather than having to edit every font’s .ini.

I know I can do it in sound->-hybrid_fonts.h, but it would be great if it could be done in the main saber config, or possibly with a .ini in the common folder perhaps, as this would obviously make future OS updates much easier.

Just an idea.
Thanks for listening.

See if my reply in the other thread helps:


It’ll probably never happen because I can only imagine how hard it’d be do do something like this (let alone how much storage it would take up on your proffieboard) but I’ve always been one to mess around with ‘music’ sabers where I try to sync the saber’s pulsing or style with music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work super great because music is dynamic and all you can really sync it to is the ‘drums’ and even then, that changes over time, so you’re usually stuck with a small loop of the song as a hum.

If there were some way to ‘animate’ different effects at a set bpm, it would be super interesting to create ‘audio visualizer’ sabers which could pair with certain songs. It’s an insane, massively over-complex idea that probably only I would use, but it would be cool. The only thing that I could think of that would allow for something like this would be a fully-fledged blade animation studio, like how CFX is able to animate their blades (might be wrong on that but I think they do have something similar.)

Though I think it could have uses for other sabers as well, like maybe your saber is super erratic and pulses unstable every 5 seconds for a half second, and in the animator you could make it do something on only that half-second period. But I’m sure there’s a much easier way to do that anyway.

videotoblc is what you want to play with. Then you’d make visuals to match the audio, and literally play the video on the blade.

Like this:


That’s fascinating, once I’m off work I’ll have to try to get that working. Didn’t even know that was possible.

It has been for a while. It does take some doing though as far as prep.
I have it on my to-do list to document the process as far as command line tools required, file specifics etc…
But, IMO it could have immense potential to make blades do cool stuff, and ideally someday some sort of streamlined app/interface/browser page thing could make it much easier to do by handling all the conversion and under the hood stuff, allowing a user to choose a video file, hit GO, and it spits out the .blc file.

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Fredrik designed so many capabilities in Proffieboard, its insane. We cant all keep track!

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After looking into it a little, I might have to wait until it’s documented a little better lol, I’m not super knowledgeable about this sort of thing, not even sure where to start tbh. Very cool though

How about this one from up above?

Sure, why not? (checked in, but not tested yet.)

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Wow! I’ll test asap

so, this doesn’t used PairedVariable like the others that are gapless (like bgnlock->lock)
So…is pairing just always on?
Or ?

[quote=“profezzorn, post:51, topic:1248”]
lock → endlock [/quote]

pairing working like a charm. It’s just always on.