ProffieOS v7.14

New release, same as 7.13, plus the following fixes:

  • fix HSL conversion (prevents certain colors from going black when changing lightness in fett263 prop)
  • fix for bullet counts on OLED display
  • Fett263 prop: Fix for Force Push > Spin Mode fall through to Clash (#615)
  • Fett264 prop: Bug fix for MENU_SWING_OPTION (#610)

Download URL:

I need whoever tries it first to post here and let me know that there isn’t anything obvious wrong with it. Once two people gives thumbs up, I will update my site, github and let the facebook crowd know about it.

I’ll give it a whirl today. I do want to investigate another possible bug I found today, though. It involves TrWipeSparkTipX and compiling using “Fastest” code in Arduino.

Hm, couldn’t replicate it. wheee.

Tested the fixes and can confirm the HSL, Force Push > Spin Mode and Swing Option. Also posted in FB groups to get a few more in to test out overall.

Test my full config. No issues with Spin Mode. Special abilites all good. All effects look good, sound playback good.

7.14 works for me.

Updated my site and github, 7.14 is now the latest release.


7.14 Is working for me. No issues.

Ditto, no issues at this time. Will report if anything acts up.