ProffieOS V6 pre-alpha discussion

V6 is in the works, but not really done yet.
However, I figure I’d start a place to talk about it.

Here are a list of things we have so far:

  • Wavlen
  • Fett263’s prop will have on-saber configuration support
  • support for smaller/larger and multiple displays

Still to do: webusb support for some of the things that Fett263 is working on.

I’m considering adding support for rotary encoders next.
(They are kind of like potentiometers, but they are digital, go all the way around and usually have 20 steps per revolution.) Could be used for color adjusting, navigating menues or switching presets.


Thoughts on adding BC’s prop (including hybrid_font.h and other mods) to the main? Quite a few people have found it more intuitive than previous iterations.

multiple displays …that got my eyebrows up.

I’m open to adding whatever prop files people have. They would need to submit a pull request on github, and be prepared for a fairly grueling code review.

Brian’s (NoSloppy) one…here’s the link, though clearly he’s the better source of information (since he made it…). It’s got some fun stuff baked in, but I’m not sure how it’ll work with 6 (if it’d need reworking or anything).

FB thread for reference.

I suppose I could use a good grueling code review :thinking:


Join the club, man.

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I’d definitely be down for that. That would be a pretty well attended stream, I’d bet.

I would love love love me some dials on my sabers.
Man, everything in development for menus could be on that.

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Would be nice to have a separate blades control (on/off + effects) with 2 and 3 buttons for those double-bladed sabers.

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Dmitry! NoSloppy! Ha, we’re back!


The code for that is mostly there in proffieOS already.
However, it will require a little work to actually control it.

Rotary support is in:

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I saw on GitHub! So how is the hook up and how is it intended to be assigned to do stuff?

That could be pretty cool for blasters and detonators… Like setting a timer or something.

Here is how it could look in the config file:

ChangePresetRotaryReceiver rotary_receiver;
Rotary<8, 9> rotary(&rotary_receiver);

The receiver decides what the rotary events do.
There are currently receivers for changing presets, changing variation and one that just prints things out. More receivers can be added as needed. (I should probably create one for changing the volume.)

Now, let’s see what funky thing should I add support for next…
Fingerprint scanners? Color screens? Touch sliders?

Proximity sensor?

Which one?
And what for?
Building an alien tracking device?

Colour screens would be cool. You could animate stuff like a Colonial Marine motion tracker maybe?