ProffieOS customization

Hi, I’ve got another thread going as my option 2 for adding new soundfonts to my new proffiesaber if I can’t get this one to work. I was hoping to find an easy way to add sound fonts as I dip my toe into the water. From what I’ve learned on youtube, there is a site that allows for “easy” editing of your proffieboard: Easy ProffieOS customization (
but I have been unsuccessful getting this method to work as it will not recognize my proffieboard. I’ve gone through various steps, downloading Arduino and such to confirm my proffie is set up with webusb and everything seems to be in order. I’m using microsoft edge as my browser, I’ve finally got a USB that will read my proffi and it’s showing up under devices and printers in my control panel. Is there something I’m missing? As I said before, I’m very new to this so I could be missing something really basic without realizing. Any help is much appreciated!

All you do is add the font to the SD card,
then call that font folder name in a preset in your config file,
then upload.
This is the shortest 50seconds on how-to:

Also, there’s this. Just follow the steps:

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This sentence seems a bit suspect to me, because Arduino is not able to verify if a board is already programmed for webusb or not.

You can re-program a board and make sure that webusb is enabled when you’re doing it, but that’s about as complicated as adding another font.

There are ways to check if webusb is enabled, but the way to do it is to check what endpoints are enabled on the ProffieOS composite device in the device manager, and without some sort of step-by-step directions it’s a little complicated. (Especially since windows 11 seems to move where all the device driver stuff is every 6 months or so.)

Thank you all so much! With your help I was able to load my first font onto my saber :grinning:

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