ProffieOS 7.7: Converting old styles

I’ve just got my first proffie saber, and after upgrading to 7.7 and adding some new presets, I’ve noticed that most of the presets don’t support all the edit menu options (eg. choosing colors from a list and setting white and black levels rather than just using the color wheel). I assume that’s because those presets have styles in an older format - is it possible to convert them so that they support all the different edit menu features?

Edit Mode features are only available on OS6 styles or later. It is much easier to generate OS6 styles from my library than to try to convert older styles if I’m being honest. I rewrote every style in the library for OS6, there are too many additionsand changes to try to manually update older styles.

There is also the option of sticking the style in the style editor and pressing the “Argify” button. It doesn’t add nearly as many options, but it can be useful sometimes.