ProffieOS 7.7 Beta (done)

hey, I did something! Ill try and test some other things. I didnt see the double blast issue I read about. Right now Im running saber, testing all saber functions, and edit mode. All seems ok so far except say battery volts.

FETT263_SAY_BATTERY_VOLTS fixed, profezzorn just merged update. Just grab updated zip from github.


This was a typo, change to



confirmed fixed, testing

spin mode define renamed

FETT263_SPIN_MODE tested and works great.

Top post updated.

I created a wiki post which will eventually have links to the documentation for all the new features:

I figure since I wrote many of the new features, I’ll be working mostly on documenting them, while other people can try them.

Once the documentation is in good shape, I’ll go back and test whatever hasn’t been tested yet.

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Is it just me or is multi blast mode not working in battle mode?

I see there are new controls:

Blast Effect = Click AUX
    NEW! swing within 2 seconds to enter Multi-Blast Mode

Is that the method you are trying, rather than the older

Multi-Blast Mode = Long Click Aux
    Each Swing in Multi-Blast Mode will deflect Blast effect
    To exit, click AUX or do Clash


Will try this at home later.

So I am in battle mode, press aux for blast, then swing…nothing. Worked on OS6.7. I am also getting a delay when switching fonts.

Post your config and I’ll have a look later today.

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I’ve submitted the fix, will update once it’s available.


Cool, glad i spotted something :slight_smile:

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The fix has been merged on github.

I think once this PR is done:

We can maybe move from Apha to Beta stage.
Once we go to beta, I will create a 7.x branch on github, which means that the default for any new feature added will be for it to go into 8.x. Adding more features to 7.x will need a reason for it.

I beleive I’ve addressed all the open conversations over there on that PR.

Additionally, does the SoundFonts overhaul project matter as far as coinciding with OS7?

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No, that is a separate project.

Although, we may want to change the default_proffieos_config to only use fonts that exists in both the old and the updated default sd card download. (Or maybe use search paths, like “oldfont;newfont”.