ProffieOS 5.9

I’ve created a new ProffieOS 5.9 zip, it is available here:

SInce 5.7, the following bugfixes have been made:

  • fixed several motion timeout issues
  • support for LSM6DSM motion chip
  • touchbutton bugfixes
  • fixed SPIBladePtr arguments

I would like a few people to try it and make sure it works before I make it the official version on my site.


thanks for all your work !

Did you try it?

no today but i will and give you feedback

So far so good on my end. No new issues anyways.

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ProffieOS 5.9 is now the official version.


All good here. Tried in 2 of mine.

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all good with my 89sabers no issue and work very well !

OS 5.9 Installed

89 Sabers - OK
Ultimate Works - OK

The only thing I changed to see the battery level is the value of the battery.monitor.h

// Energy is roughly proportional to voltage squared.
float v = battery ();
float min_v = 2.95;
float max_v = 3.65;
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@profezzorn - Putting together a board today, but all I have left are LSM6DSMTRs…is the TR variant supported, too?

TR is just a packing label I think.
If I remember correctly “TR” means tape-and-reel.
It’s more then a little confusing though, because non-TR components come in a TRay…

I sure wish ST had a document that explains what their product codes mean.

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Exactly. I also didn’t want to assume anything because I make enough of an ass of ‘me’ without adding ‘u’ to the picture.

I’ll get this board put together hopefully tonight (doing this one by hand) and will test with the DSM chip to make sure it’s compatible. Has anyone else tested with it yet?

A bunch of LGT customers.

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I see DEFINE_EFFECT(PSTOFF) is not in saber_base.h in 5.9. Or was it never there officially and I had added it to play with WavLen?
EDIT answered myself. I see it nowhere else so it must have been me.

They’re making their boards with the DSM? Ah cool, less concern now.

I have tried 2 heavy blade style configs and they are both really laggy,
Im running the KR V1 blade and 5.9 now, with a single font on there it seems to be taking up a lot more than it maybe should, I cant used Fast, Faster or Fasted either to try battle to low fps/laggy pulse

Please start a new thread (in the ProffieOS category) with your problem and include your config file and I’ll see what I can do.

What’s the difference between using
hybrid_font.SB_Effect(EFFECT_BLAST, 0);
hybrid_font.SB_Effect(EFFECT_BLAST, (200 + random(700))/1000.0f));
as far as randomly choosing a blast wav? File selection is already randomized?

The former is currently used in everyone’s prop, and the latter was suggested in a pull request comment.

To help with understanding other parts of code, could I have a plain English description of how what the math above executes?

The second argument to SB_Effect() is the location.
Since hybrid_font doesn’t use the location, there is no difference.