ProffieConfig Version 1.6.x Release Thread (All-In-One Proffieboard Management Utility)

After the release of ProffieConfig v1.5.x, it was clear there were several avenues for improvement, and after working to fix up various bugs and issues within ProffieConfig, implementing new features and changing things around based on feedback, and (hopefully) expanding the tool’s utility, I’m exciting to announce Version 1.6.x is ready!

This version changes a lot, from how ProffieConfig operates under the hood to how it’s interacted with, and hopefully the new introduction is able to make it a lot more self-explanatory and fill in gaps which were previously noted.

ProffieConfig Version 1.6 Includes the following updates:

  • Dynamic Prop File capability (via .pconf files)
    • Ability to support dynamic prop button information
    • Comprehensive prop option handling
    • Customizable layout
  • Multi-Config support
    • Ability to edit multiple configs at the same time
    • Named configurations
    • Improved file import capability and procedure
  • Better handling of Windows BOOTLOADER recovery/mode
    • Direct DFU-Util uploading
  • Fixed BOOTLOADER mode handing in macOS
  • Full guided onboarding and tutorial for setup
    • Driver Installation
    • Interactive, step-by-step
    • Explanation of features, usage, and overall UI
    • Explanation of certain potentially confusing ProffieOS conventions
  • Improved Configuration generation and handling
    • Fixed v1.5.x macOS import bug, related to:
      • Fixed crashing on close
    • Better handling of comments in bladestyles
    • Better handling of edge-case configuration setups
    • Better handling of blade awareness features
  • Custom ProffieOS/Prop file defines
  • Added SubBladeZZ (ZigZag) and fixed previously-broken SubBladeWithStride
  • Added custom power pins
  • Serial Monitor bugfixes for macOS
  • Improved startup time
  • UI enhancements
    • Option name/description dims on disable
    • Updated UI layout in various places
      • Moved Blade Awareness to a Blade Arrays dialog/popup
  • Improved pre-checker capability
  • Dark mode for windows
  • More I’ve probably forgotten about :sweat_smile:

Given the sheer scale of this update, I’m expecting there to be bugs and issues somewhere that I’ve not been able to catch, so this thread is for any questions about the tool, reporting any issues (though if you’re comfortable GitHub is generally a better place for that), and for updates as v1.6.x progresses.

Wrote up some documentation on the new pconf files for Prop Files:

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Oh, yeah!

As it’s used, knowing if there’s errors that are vague/confusing and/or suggestions for errors that could be made just a bit more clear are appreciated to expand the pre-checker capabilities.

That kind of stuff is hard for me to really catch as the only way to find them is by trying various different configs with all kinds of edge cases, and they’re not technically ProffieConfig issues, but adding them provides useful clarification especially for beginners.

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Released Version 1.6.1 with a few bugfixes.

1.6.1 Revealed a fatal bug related to pconf decimal input, 1.6.2 has rectified this.

This is excellent and very educational. I appreciate the notes for Mac users too.

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Released 1.6.3 for ProffieOS v7.14!

Released ProffieConfig v1.6.4 with the following changes:

  • Updated clash detection input precision (single decimal place)
  • Fixed visual bug when switching sub blade types (Blade Page)
  • Fix read of custom defines
  • Fix crash during Introduction on Windows

ProffieConfig Version 1.6.5 has been released!

This version includes the following changes:

  • Added support for spaces and newlines in bladestyle (useful for reading fett263 comments)
  • Updated Links
  • Minor code cleanup/refactoring
  • Fixed copy/pasting for bladestyles on Linux

ProffieConfig Version 1.6.6 has been released!

This version includes the following updates:

  • Fixed Edit Settings option for fett263 prop file.
  • Updated description for Edit Mode and Edit Settings.

Execute order 66 6.6

ProffieConfig Version 1.6.8 has been released (It’s been a while, been busy :sweat_smile:)

This version of ProffieConfig includes the following changes from 1.6.7:

  • Fixed tooltips for certain items (especially on Windows)
  • Add “mOhms” label for star blades on blades page
  • Fix reboot to bootloader for macOS/Linux uploads
  • Allow spaces in directories for presets and styles page

Along with fixing the Introduction window sizing for macOS on Ventura and later as described in Issue #12.

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