Proffieboard V3

I will have a go at it, but I’m not making any promises. The V3 routing crazy dense already, and although there is a potential space for it, I’m not sure if I can make the connections needed…


I did manage to make room.
It wasn’t easy, but now there are two more things on the bottom of the V3 board:

  • A cuttable solder bridge
  • space for a 0603 resistor

So, if you need a low-power switch, you can:

  1. cut the solder bridge
  2. put a ~100k resistor on the 0603 footprint
  3. solder a (small) wire from one side of the solder bridge to a switch
  4. connect the other side of the switch to GND

When the switch shorts the pad to GND, the board will turn on, but only pull ~37 nano-amps through the switch itself.


wow, nice work :+1:


I was wondering if there are any updates regarding the production of the Proffie V3? I do hear news about the chip shortage regularly, which isn’t encouraging… But I was hoping there might be some good news to share (no matter how small).

Unfortunately. no updates.

Is cost the prohibitive factor right now? I realize that the chips required for V3 are at a premium due to the shortage, but can’t the same be said for V2.2 boards? Street price for V2.2 has basically tripled over the last couple of years; is the V3 that much more expensive to produce?

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I honestly don’t know where people get the V2.2 chips.
Last I checked, chips were still impossible to find, expensive and/or had absolutely insane lead times. None of my “in stock” alerts have fired…

What’s the next step in V3 development, then? You’ve already done a round of beta testing, but I assume with the low-power switch changes you need to do another? Just curious what the release plan would look like if chip shortages weren’t a factor.

Right now, the V3 is a wait-and-see thing.
I might try to make an RP2040-based alternative in the meantime.


Which MOSFETs are available? I see 18month lead time on the DMT6008LFG-7 and one year on the DMP2075UFDB-7. I know those because are the ones I need to repair boards.

How many do you need? I have a decent bunch of used boards good for parts here.

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Hey all, been a while. Hope all are good. I do hace some info on the v2 parts. A few months ago i was looking into buying parts and i found a few suppliers that specialize in eol parts. I was able to find almost all the discontinued parts. I forgot to bookmarks them but a quick search will show them.

I searched all your posts and don’t see any links to suppliers…

I had them on my work pc a while back and we got hit w/a virus system wide. Didn’t have those backed up. I can do some hunting next week and try to recompile a list for yall. I am kicking myself cause I had a bunch of lists for some side projects too.


hey any news on this? would love to hear some good news in regards to the parts.

The word on the street is that the chip shortage will go away soon.
ST-micro will likely manage to drag it out for another year though.


Hi, I was curious about whether the deep sleep feature has been tested and is working? It’s been a while since I asked, so I thought about checking in.

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No, it has not.

Is it something about the board that makes it it hard to enable deep sleep, or simply because nobody had the time to test?

I need to write the code for it. It’s not particularly complicated I think, but I also need to make sure that it works properly and actually draws less power than standby mode Since V3 boards aren’t launched yet, it hasn’t been particularly urgent.