ProffieBoard V3. Recharging my battery with a micro USB b cable?


I’ve just finished installing the Proffiboard V3 on my lightsaber. I’m having a lot of fun, but I’m at the tricky stage where I have to recharge my battery for the first time…

Before I burn out this little marvel of a ProffieBoard V3, I’d like to be sure I know exactly what to do.

Is it enough for me to set the lightsaber to “on”, then plug it into a phone charger with a micro USB b wire?

Can I plug my wire into a computer instead of a phone charger?

Thanks for the information


yes, either will work.

Thanks for the information :+1: and thanks for adding this function to the new version of the ProffieBoard…

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It’s me again…

I tried twice, overnight, to recharge the battery with the micro USB b cable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. My battery is almost dead…

However, apart from that, the lightsaber works perfectly well with my new ProffieBoard V3, which I have no trouble reprogramming using the same cable (which is of good quality, both for recharging and for data transfer).

Does it make any difference if I remove the automatic sleep function?

Should I try to connect my cable directly to the board? In my two previous attempts, I plugged my cable into a micro USB B Port (female) that I installed on the surface of the lightsaber, which is internally wired to a micro USB B Connector (male) connected to the ProfieBoard Port (female). The connection works perfectly for data, but perhaps not so well for charging. On the other hand, there’s enough current to run the lightsaber at full power when it’s “on” and my cable is plugged into my computer…

Any ideas? Thanks in advance. You are my only hope :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, when you program the board, leave the USB connected until the battery is charged.
If that works fine, then there’s an issue with your jumper to the exterior plug.
Are you sure you mean USB B? Like a printer cable?

Do you have a kill switch? If you do, is it “on” when you’re charging?

It’s like the first one in the picture… Micro-B plug

Yes, and it’s “on” when I try to charge…

Oh, I didn’t realize you are successfully programming through the external extension, I see. Well then…

yes. I’d say to try that direct connection and see if that makes a difference for some reason and then

It shouldn’t, the charge function is independent of the CPU to make it work even with a bad programming.

Also, the charging uses the same four wires that programming does, so if programming works, charging also ought to work.

What does the status LED indicate?