Proffieboard V3 external charger

So, I know the Proffieboard V3 has an integrated .45A charger, but is it possible to use an external 1A TC4056 Li-Ion Battery Charging Module?

Power to the charging module would come from a USB C connector which also carries data to the proffieboard, and I’m not sure if that would create any conflict with the onboard charger.


Should work fine.
Might charge at 1.45A though…

Thank you!

I had the impression that might be the case, but since I don’t know what implementation you used for the charger, it’s better safe than sorry.

And if it ends up charging at a 1.45A rate, that’s a welcomed outcome.

You can see the implementation here:

I feel silly now :sweat_smile:

I wasn’t aware you had the schematics on your website.

Very helpful!!