Proffieboard User Manual

Hey @profezzorn, I learned of this proffieboard user manual that apparently you and Shtok made a while back. It seems pretty buried in the internet and was wondering if it was in a location other than on Shtok’s website and The Rebel Armory (albeit a very old one) any why it wasn’t linked clearly on the proffieboard page?

Shtok wrote it, not me.
It’s a good manual, but:

  • It doesn’t cover everything
  • Only ShtokD can edit it.
  • It doesn’t seem to have a “homepage” or anything, the link just goes to google docs.
  • I’m not aware of a way to link to a specific page.

For these reasons I’ve been reluctant to promote it as “THE MANUAL”, and I often refer people to the wiki pages instead.

With the V3 boards, making a PDF manual is going to be even harder, because the is even more flexibility in how to hook it up.

Yeah, Idk, I know there’s ways to embed google docs in webpages in iframes or something like that. The main thing that I think would be exceptionally useful would be to have a written documentation on changing soundfonts/presets like that guide does. Plus just having a general manual for those getting into it and trying to figure out the basics would be very helped by it.

If I may give a personal anecdote, the saber scene is very complicated, and me coming into it, having more stuff like that linked in, just having a general writeup for simple stuff like that makes it way less daunting. It doesn’t have to be “The Manual” perhaps it could be referred to something more akin to a quick start guide, idk.

Really that’s all that I think it needs to be. A place for all the basics, since that stuff really doesn’t change, and it’s invaluable.

Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately I tend to come at this from the other end: I’ve created something, and I want to document everything it can do. Documenting everything something can do and making it easy to do are different goals and requires different approaches when writing.

I would encourage you, or anybody else who wants to help to write wiki pages about how to do things. Me and other people can help review and fact check. Having good wiki pages for simple things like:

  • How to add a new font.
  • How to upgrade ProffieOS
  • How to avoid SD card corruption

Or troubleshooting things like:

  • What to do if you hear pops.
  • What to do if your saber is slowing down.

Of course, even something simple, like adding a new font can be done in several different ways, so so there is a lot to document.

I myself should probably spend more time on writing wiki pages for recurring problems.

Yeah, that makes sense. When summer rolls around and I’m free I would be more than happy to try and do a bit of write up. Anything to help those who come after me so they hopefully are less confused than I was, lol. Thanks for your input and perspective, I appreciate it!

You can link to individual pages in web-hosted PDFs, but not on Drive.

I wish there were a way to categorize Github wiki pages.

What do you mean? Aren’t they categorized already?

Just make page for the category name, then link all the pages you want in that category?

oooo that could work. But then could the other pages be hidden so as to not have a massive list visible?
I know changing existing links would break past references to them.

Hidden from where?
The right-nav?
The right-nav is just another page, so it can be edited to say whatever we want.

Oh ok that’s cool.
My bookmark is just straight to ALL wiki pages, so I guess I was thinking there.
Right-nav sounds promising.

The “all wiki pages” page is auto-generated, and does exactly what it says on the tin: It lists all wiki pages. It’s not the right place to go for organization though. The main wiki page and the right-nav are meant to provide that.

I’m dumb. The homepage is already categorized I never really even looked at it. I suppose some newly added pages could be incorporated in the existing categories. When I get some time maybe I’ll do that and see if you approve.
Now if we only had a good search :confused:


It won’t help yourself as it sounds like you’ve already outgrown it, but just for reference, I’ve produced a very basic Getting Started with Proffie guide on my website to help people build sabers using my chassis designs.
It doesn’t attempt to be a full Proffie manual as such, but rather is intended to help get newbies up and running with their first build. The idea is that once their saber is working, then they can begin to learn Proffie’s huge range of advanced features and build up their system using resources like Shtok’s manual, Fett’s library and of course the Prof’s Wiki pages.
I don’t think it’s that widely known about though, so if it’s useful, here’s the link:

Thank you! Yeah, I never really wanted to help myself with it, I’ve got a handle on most stuff, more so for other people, somewhere I can point them for help that doesn’t take time away from me or someone else when it could easily be written up once.