Proffieboard Style Generator issues

Ok so basically I’m using the fett proffieboard style generator and after anywhere from 5 to 9 steps the preview will disappear and it will make the code break. It generated this code and is saying it is invalid.

Gradient<RandomPerLEDFlicker<Blue, DodgerBlue>,>RandomPerLEDFlicker<DeepSkyBlue, Aqua>,>RandomPerLEDFlicker<White, Aqua>,>White,White,White,White>

I’m not sure where to go from here since I’m not experienced enough to find the error in this string of code. Any help is appreciated!

I believe you’re meaning Fredrik’s @profezzorn Style Editor, my Style Library wouldn’t generate this.

You have multiple stray commas causing the issue.


No, I actually am using your maker. I’ll send a screen recording when I get home, but for now this is a screen shot.

What URL? That looks old as anything, I wouldn’t use that - it’s probably OS1.3 based.

It says last updated in 2019, so I’m assuming it is massively outdated. Is there a better one I should use? Your creations are very user friendly.
This is the video for reference.

This is the URL by the way, sorry for the broken messages.

Yeah, that’s ancient. I forgot that’s even there. I wouldn’t use. I’ll have to pull that down.
My library is the current tool or Fredrik’s Style Editor linked above.

Thank you so much!

Yea, When I google blade styles, i’ve found a few of your old websites for blade styles/editors :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to use the OS6 or OS7 style library. (Or whatever the latest version OS library)

I thought I set most of those to forward to the current tools but looks like some of the ancient stuff is still floating around in cyberspace. I’ll try to forward them when I get a chance.

Out of curiosity, is it possible to take a code generated from your website and import it back into the site for editing?

Yup, although I typically recommend you keep the Style Copyright/Information comment section intact and/or update it with changes you made, as this section is important in using the new features as well as using the Edit Mode functionality.

I should also note that more advanced styles are a little harder to edit as they have multiple inter-related parts that the library handles via scripts, if you make edits and things “break” it’s often due to the style being more complex and you changed something that probably shouldn’t have been changed. But, by and large, you can edit the styles as you want in Style Editor.

Of course I will keep the style and copyright information! Unfortunately (mildly embarrassing) I actually don’t have my proffie board yet and was simply testing what I could do with the website. I have the generated code in a text file and the function code in a separate text file.

Not embarrassing, better to learn about the board and capabilities before pouring money into it. :wink:

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Well, I already ordered the board and saber. Just waiting for it to arrive so I can set it up.

Question–does it make a difference WHERE in the config file I paste the copyright information for the styles? I’ve been appending them to the end to make it easier to read the config file.

The idea is that you keep them WITH the style they represent so it’s like the “decoder” of what follows.
So put them right above the actual style code, like the way it comes in the first place.

As NoSloppy noted they are intended to make readng, using and understanding the style code easier so they are best kept with the style code just as its generated. If you want to “tighten up” the resets section, my config helper tool can help you set up using functions. Just watch the videos at the top and read through the instructions. His will also allow for additional optimization if you’re looking to fit more in your saber and it will generate custom documentation for your saber based on the config you build.